Venetian glass has always been synonymous with good taste and sophistication, and its thousand-year old history lives on in the charming results of present production

The origins of the glassmaking art in Venice

Archaeological excavations have brought to light several fragments proving the existence of glassmaking as far back as the seventh century BC, both on the island of Torcello and of Murano.
However, it was in the twelfth century that the art of Murano glass became an organized manufacturing activity.


Round about that time, the craft gradually took the island of Murano as its base, until the Republic decreed that all furnaces still working in the historical centre be moved to the island for safety reasons related to the risk of fire.

The result of careful research, our creations are unique and entirely handmade

Our Products

Vetreria Ducale realises a wide range of glassware ideal for companies or individual clients that wish to promote their logo or image through valuable artistic creations.

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Our glass creations are all exclusive, created for any occasion or event and custom-made following your requirements or particular tastes following traditional or contemporary designs.